Recruiting Artists and Musicians!

Published April 10, 2018


Come join an exciting venture for Washington Co.

A  Celebration of our Diversity in Art and Music

We are a new group organizing a Multi-Cultural Art Center at First Presbyterian Church, 20 Prospect St., Hagerstown, MD, 301-739-6337 Although the Center will be located at the Presbyterian Church, it is not affiliated with any denomination or religion.  Rather, we hope it to be a place of artistic expression for the many different cultures, ethnicities, races, and religions of Washington County for our understanding of the many wonderful and gifted artists in our community of diverse backgrounds.

For our first events we are planning an Open Mic and an Art Show for June.  Specific dates will be announced once we recruit artists and performers.  In the future we are hoping to offer cooking, language, cultural classes.

If you know of any artists or performers in the community that reflect the ethnic or cultural identity of the performer, artist or group in Washington County and who would be willing to perform at an open mike or exhibit in an art show, please direct them to us or let us know their contact information:

Chris Madeo, 301-988-4050

Rev. Rick Hill, 301-739-6337

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