Help the Salvation Army reach more children this Christmas

Published November 21, 2017

Christmas has started at The Salvation Army and once again they need volunteers.

They will need volunteers to assist them with the Angel Tree at the mall and to help with the distribution book, which consists of the volunteer writing down the angel tree number with the information of the person taking the tag so they know which angel tags have been returned and which tags which are still with the sponsors. The more volunteers, the better.

Last year there were over 600 children not sponsored, so Salvation Army is seeking new locations. Their wish is to have more churches sponsor a tree. The Salvation Army could pick up any angel tree gifts from their location.  Angel Tree Donation Guideline.

If you can help as a volunteer or would be willing to host an Angel Tree, please contact Major Carolyn Mallard, 301-733-2440 or


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