Be a Coach to help our Brothers and Sisters in Christ when they are released from prison

Published November 19, 2014

GateKeepers logoGatekeepers next step in helping ex-offenders successfully reenter into Washington County is the implementation of a Coaching program in the hope of helping ex-offenders become productive citizens within the community.

Are you willing to help an ex-offender establish positive roots in the community? Research shows that contact with coaches is a predictor of success outside prison and lower rates of recidivism. The program involves coaching men and women before and after they are released from prison.  Two coaches for each ex-offender will help him or her assimilate into the local community and most importantly into a Christian church.

The Maryland Street Re-entry Program includes training on life planning to prepare inmates for freedom.  The program also identifies a network of community resources to help returning citizens reintegrate into society and helps to bridge the gap from Christian community inside prison to Christian community in the free world, with the support of programs like Exodus, Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, and Celebrate Recovery along with the support of local churches.

A major key to success is coaching; helping ex-offenders realize that people on the outside care about them, rather than believing that society has rejected them. All coaches need to be trained because of the importance of properly guiding an ex-offender back into society.  The released person and coaches sign a covenant that is the basis for the partnership which searches a very friendly local community for aftercare resources and Christian support.

Regular participation in a local church and prayer-and-share (accountability) small groups can help keep the ex-offender (and all of us) on the straight and narrow path.  In the final analysis, this is not about what coaches can accomplish but about sharing God’s love.  For a reminder on why we do this, read Matthew 25:36.

Learn to be a Coach. 

On Saturday December 13, 9AM to 3PM.
Cost: Free – Lunch included
Location: Gatekeepers office, Suite 405, 223 N. Prospect St., Hagerstown, MD

To sign up or for interest in future trainings: email Bill Gaertner at

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