Crisis Assistance / HUB NETwork

HUB logoEach of our houses of faith is called to help the least, the lost, and the left out.  When people are in their greatest need, they often seek assistance from churches.  HUB NETwork’s goal is to better connect the faith community and local agencies to:

  • More effectively serve those in need through a pooling of resources and information
  • Save time, energy, and pride of those in need walking from door to door for help
  • Prevent the waste of limited resources on needs that are either invalid, abuse of the system, or simply will not help people in the long run

HARC is an active partner in the HUB NETwork

The HUB NETwork is a connection point between mainline churches, evangelical churches, and local agencies and ministries to help people in crisis with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Learn more about the HUB NETwork at

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Crisis Help Training Materials

Several HUB NETwork Crisis Help Training sessions have been held since fall 2012 to offer basic instruction on how to work with people in need while setting boundaries and avoiding co-dependence and to give information on how to connect to the HUB NETwork.  Didn’t make it to one of  the trainings?  Here are some handy materials for a start.  They do not include Q&A or the skilled instruction and examples of Dawn Johns (Potomac Case Management) and Jodie Ostoich (Reach of Washington County), but can perhaps help you on your way to working more effectively with those in need in our community.  Please keep in mind this is only phase 1 of the training, with more in-depth training to come at a later date.  Phase 1 will be offered again as well.

Crisis Help Training Phase 1 presentation
Key Questions to Ask
HUB NETwork Intake Form
Follow-up tips