Potomac Towers Thanks, two meal slots left to fill

Published March 5, 2019

From Hagerstown Housing Authority:

The Hagerstown Housing Authority would like to thank everyone who has assisted in getting the Potomac Towers Lunch Program started, provided meals and showed a genuine concern for our residents attending.   With your generosity, we have enough volunteers  to successfully  cover almost every day needed, except the first and second Tuesday. 

Things have been going well.  The Residents are raving about the food that is being provided to them and have expressed their sincerest appreciation for the church groups helping.  They are liking the food so well that the numbers are now averaging around 35, up from the 25 we first anticipated.

We are looking forward to continue working with all of the groups to provide what is probably the only hot, nourishing meal of the residents’ day….

Once again thank you so much for your partnership and generosity in providing lunch for our Potomac Towers Residents.

Deena Holder
Assistant Director, Resident Services
Hagerstown Housing Authority

If any house of worship or group would like to provide a meal for the first or second Tuesday of the month, please contact Kathy Powderly at 301-842-4272 / kathy.harc@gmail.com. 

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