Historic Gates Reopened

Published August 1, 2017

On Sunday July 23, the people of St. Mark’s rededicated the historic gates along Lappans Road.  First built in 1922, the two stone pillars and iron gate had gradually deteriorated and were in danger of collapsing.  Stonemason Dan Shaffer was contacted to perform the work.  Shaffer is well-known for his work on various historic sites in the area.  St. Mark’s is on the National Register of Historic Sites and it was very important for the work to be done as a restoration, not just a rebuild.   The metal gates were removed, straightened and repainted.  The pillars were torn down to the level of the stone wall and rebuilt using the same stones.  New concrete caps completed the project.

On July 23, members of St. Mark’s gathered at the gates and opened them again.  “Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving,” was the theme of the short service which included readings, prayers and psalm and a blessing.  The members then entered the historic church to the hymn “Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates.”  Rector the Rev. Anne Weatherholt prayed, “May their threshold be low and their opening be wide.  May those who pass by be drawn by their welcome and honor the heritage of time and the craft of human hands that they express.  May they be a sign of the hospitality extended to strangers ….”  Now the restored gates once again welcome members and visitors to the historic church for Sunday and weekday services.

For more information and directions call 301-582-0417 or go to the church website:  www.stmarkslappans.org

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