Brick Fundraiser

Published June 2, 2018

Dear Friend,
We are seeking your help on a project that we believe will change the lives of the people in Hagerstown, MD as well as give you a space to honor those you love and respect. New Light MCC is in an area of town where homeless walk the streets, and the marginalize stop by for comfort. Outside the doors to our church we have a food cabinet. Anyone can stop and take whatever we have to offer in food and clothes, and we know that is not enough. If you could sit and watch as people take what they need, it would touch your heart. Just recently one of our volunteers was stocking the cabinet and a lady stopped to talk. She explained that she was homeless at one time and how much she appreciated the food and clothes. She gave our volunteer a hug as she continued her way. This is the Gospel in action.
And we want to do more! Our goal is to renovate our kitchen to make it commercial with the possibility of adding showers and bathrooms for the homeless to use during the day. Our kitchen will be used to provide meals when they are not available at other locations. We will offer clothes and hygiene items for those in need. This is an ambitious project for a small church, however with your help, I believe we can accomplish remarkable things.
Our fundraiser is “Engraved Brick Paver”. Our hope is that you and or your organization will help us raise funds to help our local community. All monies collected will go to serve those in need in our community. In purchasing a brick and having it engraved, you can create a meaningful tribute to someone you love and respect as well as help those in need.
We chose 4” x 8” bricks which hold up to 20 spaces per line, 3 lines. You may either take your brick or you are welcome to have it installed in front of our church for all to see. The cost of the brick is $100.00. For an additional $25.00 you may purchase a tile which matches your brick as a memento. For those who wish their bricks to be installed on our building, they will be a reminder that as a community we are called to “Love Thy Neighbor.” These bricks will be a testament to the shared belief that Hagerstown, MD is a place open to diversity and love for all our neighbors.
If you wish to purchase a brick to help with our local community needs, we offer three ways. We would love to have you visit us on a Sunday for our 10:30 am service and directly speak with me. You may return the brick order form attached to this letter and a check written to New Light MCC. Or you may visit our website at and navigate to the brick donation section to see how you can order.

We appreciate your consideration in purchasing a brick. If you have any questions or need me for another reason, please feel free to call me at (717) 682-1873.


Live to Give,


Reverend Deb Coggin

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