HUB Network General Meeting: Future of Hub Network

Event Date: October 17, 2017 at 10:30 am Event Location: Christ's Reformed Church, 130 West Franklin St., Hagerstown, MD

Date:      Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Time:     10:30 – noon

Location:    Christ’s Reformed Church, 130 West Franklin St., Hagerstown, MD

Topic:    Future of Hub Network

From:    The Hub Network Board of Directors


Since its founding in 2011, the Hub Network has been focused on growing a “safety net of grace” for “the last, the least and the left out” in our community. The idea was to help churches minister wisely, lovingly and effectively to this population in our community, by networking to provide information and training. Just how should you respond when that person knocks on your door, needing help with ___ (fill in the blank)? What resources did you need to know about to “give a hand up, not just a hand out?”

But in recent months we have found that the resources “211,” Valor Ministries, Celebration Ministries, Gateway, REACH, Turning Point and CAC provide now cover much of what the Hub Network originally sought to provide. In other words, the Hub Network Board of Directors feels that the original mission of the Network is less needed now.

So, what to do? That’s why we’re scheduling this general meeting. Is there a new “thing” that God is calling the Hub Network to? The Board thinks so.

We think God is asking us to “move God into the neighborhoods” of our city. By this we mean two things: use the Network to re-purpose blighted properties into properties for use as recovery houses or re-entry houses (for ex-offenders), for two possible examples. Faith-based churches and organizations would partner and collaborate to provide “houses of transformation,” thus helping the residents and resident advisors “walk together with God” in these houses, in these neighborhoods. (The city has even suggested that it would world with the Network to transfer some of its properties for use by the Network.)

Secondly, the idea is to “move God into the neighborhood” by identifying or planting “houses of hope” in neighborhoods. In other words, how can the broader faith community help support members of the faith community who already live in some of our poorer neighborhoods, or identify and support folks who would move into these neighborhoods? In either case, the goal would be to provide an incarnational presence of being “light in the city” and living in relationship with other members of the neighborhood.

Essentially, we’re wondering about re-purposing old buildings/homes, or “salting” homes with new residents who could help others meet Jesus. Either way, the Hub Network would become a network committed to supporting and encouraging “incarnational ministry” in our city. Or, as we said, we would seek to build partnerships and collaborations that “move God into” as many corners of as many neighborhoods as possible.

What do you think? We need your input!
So please make a commitment to join us on
Tuesday, October 17th at 10:30 at Christ’s Reformed Church.
We look forward to your input as we together ask,
“What is God up to and how do we get in on it??!!


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